Effective Havanese Training Guidelines

Havanese training will be as simple and enjoyable as you make it to be. This is a breed that learns quickly and is eager to please you. Thus, you can use their cleverness to your advantage and help them develop into the model companion you want him to be.

Below are the guidelines you need to follow in order to complete your Havanese training goals:

  • Begin training right away – Start when he is a puppy, as soon as you bring him home. Do not wait until he has already begun to develop his own habits before you train him.
  • Socialize him – Though the havanese is a very social dog that tends to like everyone, it is your job to make sure your pet lives up to this particular characteristic. He must be introduced to your guests, neighbors, strangers on walks, other dogs, delivery people and anyone else he may encounter on a regular basis. The more familiar he is with adults, children and other animals, the happier he will be.
  • Firm but gentle instruction – havanese training should be conducted in a very positive manner. If you yell at your canine or speak to him harshly, this will only upset him and deter him from wanting to learn. You don’t want your dog to fear you.
  • Remain constant in your teachings – Make sure you use the same hand signals, tone of voice and words when you give him an instruction. The more everything is the same, the quicker he will grasp it. In addition, make sure other people in your household use the same techniques as you when giving commands so he doesn’t become confused.
  • Only give a command when you mean it – If you want your canine’s respect you need to make sure you follow through with your orders. For instance, do not tell him to sit and not correct him when he doesn’t do it. If he doesn’t respond after a few seconds, firmly push his bottom to the floor so he knows you mean business. He needs to know you are serious or he will walk all over you.

Finally, remain consistent with Havanese training.  Practice on a daily basis to show him and yourself that you are committed to his learning.

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