Havanese Puppy Training – Treats

When Havanese puppy training one of the most common things used  are treats. Typically in the form of food, they are used as a special way to reward a dog and can be very effective in obtaining a dog’s attention and reinforcing positive behavior. Since this is the case, they are often utilized when a pooch is just beginning to learn new instructions.

It is imperative that you understand a dog treat is not just any type of food. For instance, you wouldn’t use your puppies’s regular food as a special goodie for him to enjoy. That said, this doesn’t mean that other canine kibble isn’t treat-worthy. Essentially, treats that can be used for havanese training are foods your pet really enjoys or those that are new and exciting. Here are some examples:

  • Human foods canines really like, such as – hot dog, cheese, chicken, apple, carrots, etc. (Note: make sure the food you give is safe for him to consume)
  • Traditional dog treats found in stores
  • Homemade cookies with dog-friendly ingredients
  • Other kibble that your animal doesn’t eat as part of his regular diet

Havanese puppy training It’s generally a good idea to give him treats that he does not have on a regular basis. This will help encourage him, so he will enjoy his sessions even more.

On the flip side of the coin, you do need to remember that while treats can be very effective when it comes to training havanese, you need to be careful that you don’t over do it with the goodies. You don’t want your puppy to only follow your command in exchange for yummy food. Therefore, do not reward him with tasty morsels each time he performs an instruction correctly. Only give it to him the first few times. Once he understands a command, reward him with cookies on occasion so he doesn’t come to expect it and then resent you when he doesn’t’ receive it.

Finally, keep in mind that treats are not the only way you can reward your dog during Havanese puppy training lessons. Other ways you can make him feel happy, let him know he’s done a great job and he has pleased you is to play with him or lavish affection on him.

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