Great Dane Training – Walking Rules

Great dane training can be a lot of fun and doesn’t have to be a giant chore.  Essentially, it can be whatever you want it to be. If you approach it with a positive attitude and look forward to it, both you and your pet will benefit greatly from the experience. Of course, this doesn’t mean that training doesn’t take patience and work. Your dog is not going to learn commands right away, so you will need to be consistent in everything you teach, including walking.

Great danes, like every other breed of dog – no matter their size – need to be walked. Walks are necessary for exercise, releasing energy, socialization, fresh air and to prevent boredom. Thus, it is a necessary part of great dane training as it is vital to his health and wellbeing.

That said, while he is a very large dog, the dane is not as energetic as one might think. Therefore, a daily half hour walk, some play time and a few runs a week are all this pet really requires in order to stay in shape and be happy. However, while this may be the case, you should still know how to properly walk your companion for both your safety and his, as well as for an enjoyable experience.

Here are things you should consider when walking your gentle giant:

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with identification tags that way he can be returned to you if he should become lost.
  • Walk him using a 6 foot lead, not a retractable leash.  He should be made to walk beside you, not ahead or behind you.
  • If your pal is a puller, try great dane training methods that involve using a head halter to increase your control without actually hurting him.
  • Make sure you walk at a good and fast pace.  It is not fair to take slow and small steps when your dog has long legs and a long stride.
  • Praise your animal when he is walking as you want him to.
  • Bring water with you when taking him on long walks in the warmer months.

Keep in mind, if you are having trouble walking your dog, a good idea is to enroll him in an obedience class to learn proper and effective techniques from professionals, as this will help improve upon your great dane training methods.

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