The Golden Rules of Dog Crate Training

In order to provide your dog with a lifestyle that will make it happy and healthy, you will need to start with structure. Dogs thrive when they have rules to follow as it helps them to feel secure in knowing when they are behaving themselves, what is expected of them, and what they can expect throughout the length of their daily lives. This rule applies to dogs of any age, including the youngest puppies and the most senior pets. All dogs need a routine and structure in their lives – one solid way to provide this necessity is through crate training.

That said, just buying a crate doesn’t mean that your pet will automatically be crate trained. Before purchasing your dog and the crate, make sure that you have a solid understanding of the goals of your crate training and how you will be achieving those goals. Effective crate training involves five golden rules. By adhering to them, you will make it a pleasant experience for both you and your pup.

These crate training rules are:

  • The crate is a positive space and should therefore never be used in order to punish your dog. Your dog must associate the crate with safety and comfort.
  • Crate training doesn’t happen overnight. It should be a calm and gradual process as opposed to intensive drilling. Remember to use reward-based training to continue the positive associations.
  • Always make sure that you have let your dog out to urinate before putting it into the crate, to avoid upsetting and negative experiences and associations.
  • Immediately upon releasing your dog from the crate, let it outside so that it will have the opportunity to urinate. This will also be very helpful in housebreaking.
  • Your dog should always be calm upon entering the crate. If it is stressed, frightened, or anxious, wait until the dog calms down before putting it into the crate. A dog can enter the crate upset only under its own volition. This way, you’ll maintain the soothing atmosphere of the crate space for your dog.

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