Golden Retriever Training -Walking to Heal

There are different instructions you can include in golden retriever training. Although you may not feel that your dog needs to learn every trick and command, there are certain ones that are very beneficial for both you and your pet, such as teaching him how to walk nicely. A dog that does not pull or yank when he is on his lead is a dream to walk and it gives you more control over your pet.

The following are the guidelines you can follow to begin golden retriever training that will teach your companion how to effectively walk with you:

  1. Put your retriever on a 4-foot lead and take him out. Before you walk him, make him sit on your left and holding the lead in both your hands move forward. At this point, you are no longer going to permit your canine to pull on the leash. Each time he pulls, instantly stop walking and firmly plant your feet and don’t move. As long as he continues to yank forward, remain still. As soon as he stops tugging, praise him and then continue on.
  2. Each time your canine pulls, put your golden retriever training technique into effect and halt in your tracks. If he is doing it too frequently, have him sit and then begin walking again. You might also find that brining treats with you on your excursion is beneficial, as you can use them as a reward when he stops tugging after you have stopped to help him understand the desired behavior you are seeking.
  3. Should your pet continue to resist you, instead of stopping all the time, turn and walk in the opposite direction. This will startle him and he will focus his attention on you once more. Keep changing directions whenever necessary and then return to the halting approach.
  4. If you find that it is exceptionally difficult to control you dog, you might want to consider using a head halter for more control. This is not a muzzle and looks more like a horse’s bridle. What this tool does is it forces your dog’s body to follow their head. Thus, it prevents him from pulling while he wears it.

These golden retriever training techniques, used in combination with positive reinforcement and consistency, will have your pooch walking nicely just as you want.

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