Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Swimming

Swimming should be part of your golden retriever puppy training if you would like him to enjoy the water. You might think that because he was originally bred for retrieving on the hunt and this breed is typically known for enjoying the water that he would naturally take to it like a fish to the sea. However, this is not always the case. While some goldens cannot get enough of the water, others are terrified of it. This fear can be prevented by properly introducing your pup to swimming.

Golden retrieve puppy training that involves teaching a dog how to swim is not difficult and can be easily achieved in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – On a warm day, put on your bathing wear or clothes you don’t mind getting wet and take your puppy to a calm lake or pond and have another person accompany you.

Step 2 – Pick up your golden puppy and take him out into the water.  Walk until you are submerged up to your thighs.  Stop and turn to face the other person that is waiting on the shore.

Step 3 – Slowly lower your dog into the water but maintain a firm hold on him. This is not the time in golden retriever puppy training when you release him to swim on his own. You should have one hand under his belly and the other hand should be secured at the base of his tail. Speak to him very gently and calmly as you lower him into the water without releasing him.

Step 4 – As soon as his legs are dunked he should automatically begin paddling, moving his legs back and forth. Praise him when he does this and encourage him to keep it up.

Step 5 – Signal to the person on the shore to call your dog to them and release your hold on his belly but keep your other hand at his tail to keep him balanced as he moves. When he is close enough to the shore, release his tail and let him make his way to land.

Step 6 – Continue this training and each time walk further and further out to increase the distance.

Using swimming as part of your golden retriever training has many benefits. Your pet will not only have confidence and fun in the water, but it is also a great form of exercise!

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