Can You Give Your Dog the Wrong Attention?

Loving your [i4w_db__DogBreed]is easy to do. Lavishing affection on your dog is something that you will both enjoy, increases your bond, and is an important part of its growth, development, socialization, and wellbeing. However, while you can never give [i4w_ud_DogName] too much attention, it is possible to give it the wrong attention.

That may sound odd, after all, how could any attention be wrong? The reality is that sometimes, while your intentions may be good when you lavish pets on your dog or give it kind words or praise, you could inadvertently be sending a message that tells the dog to keep up unwanted behaviors or tells your dog its desires come before your own.

How can this happen? The following are three common scenarios where owners unknowingly give their [i4w_db__DogBreed]s the wrong attention:

Allowing attention initiated by [i4w_ud_DogName] – Many [i4w_db__DogBreed]s demand attention from their family members and in many cases the family members comply. For instance, if you are sitting down and your dog comes over and bunts your hand with their nose because they want to be patted, if you do so, you’ve just told it that you will give attention when it wants it. There is nothing wrong with giving attention to [i4w_db__DogBreed]s when they seek it, but you need to first give the dog a command, such as “sit” before you pet it, to assert your authority. Remember, you call the shots and your will must always come first.

Making a fuss over your [i4w_db__DogBreed] before you leave the house – Many owners have a habit of paying a great deal of attention to their dog before they depart, because they feel bad about leaving their dog home alone. But lavishing attention on your dog actually only serves to make it feel more stressed when you leave. As you will discover when reading [i4w_db__DogBreed]s Made Easy, this breed dislikes being left alone and is prone to Separation Anxiety. Therefore, instead of giving extra attention, you should act normal and calm. Ignore your dog and leave without ceremony.

Babying the dog in an effort to calm fear – If your dog reacts in fear from loud noises (eg, thunder), don’t try to calm it by babying it and giving it pets. This only makes the problem worse because the attention tells your [i4w_db__DogBreed] that the way it’s reacting is justified and desirable to you. Instead, remain calm and speak in a normal and tranquil voice to your dog, but continue about your business.

So, always remember that when you give your [i4w_db__DogBreed] attention, you need to be in control. You should initiate all attention that is given and, remember, in some situations a little attention is better than a lot.

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