Establish Your Role As Leader To Stop Puppy Biting

Puppies bite for all different kids of reasons. Sometimes it is in play, while other times it may be an act of aggression. The reality is, however, that no form of puppy biting – regardless of the motive – is something you should ever encourage. When a pup is allowed to get away with biting it is establishing dominance over you and anyone else it bites. If your young pet is allowed to continue this dominant behaviour, it will lead to serious problems when they mature into adults, as they will be much harder to control and it will become increasingly difficult to stop the biting.

It is imperative that you stop puppy biting and make it clear to your young one that you are in control – you are dominant, have authority and are the leader. Establishing yourself as the leader of the family is something you need to do right away, and will make it clear to your pup that you are the boss and your rules stand.

Once you have gained the respect of leader in your puppy’s mind, you will not only manage to stop puppy biting, but you will have an easier time teaching and encouraging obedience, correcting poor behaviour and telling your dog exactly what it is you expect and want from it. When your puppy knows where it stands, it will develop into a happy and confident canine that knows its place within its family and how to function within it.

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