Essential Tools For Housebreaking A Dog

If you have recently or are about to become the owner of a dog then the likelihood is that you are thinking about how much fun owning a dog will actually be. Instead, you should actually be thinking about how much hard work you should put in during the first few weeks to ensure that you get the puppy of your dreams without the bad behaviour that could come with it! Housebreaking a dog is an important part of the early days so you should make sure that you are ready to start right away!

There are a few essential tools that you should invest in before housebreaking a dog because they will make your task easier, and some of them you may not think of:

A Crate – Some people do not like to use these when housebreaking a dog but investing in one is a good idea because it will bring the process on a lot. Your dog will soon learn when he or she can or cannot go to the toilet.

Newspaper – This is for potential accidents in the house. Not only does it soak up urine well but it can also be laid for your dog as he or she is given a free run of the house in the first few days. Many breeders start to train with newspaper.

A Journal – This will help you to identify behaviour behind accidents when housebreaking a dog. It will also allow you to spot patterns and any signals your dog gives you when asking to go out.

Treats – If housebreaking a dog is to be a success then it should be rewarding. Only give treats for good behaviour to start with after they have been outside and then decrease the regularity of their use.

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