English Bulldog Training – The Speak Command

English Bulldog training begins with the basics but once your pooch has learned the fundamental obedience lessons and housebreaking, you can then move on to teaching him other tricks and instructions that will help to stimulate both his body and mind.

There are many fun things you can teach your bully to enhance his English Bulldog training. For instance, tricks such as “play dead”, “roll over”, “fetch”, etc. have no real logical purpose but they are fun to teach and give your companion’s mind a good workout. In fact, if you are interested in teaching him tricks, one of the easiest you can begin with is to train him how to “speak”.

Here are the different steps you can employ to achieve this goal:

Step 1 – Choose a hand signal that is different from others that your bully already knows. A good idea is to open and close your thumb and index finger, giving the impression of a mouth opening and closing.

Step 2 – Have your dog sit at the start of this english bulldog training and when you have his attention say “Speak” to him at the same time you use the hand signal. If he barks, praise and reward him immediately.

Step 3 – If your bulldog does not respond when you give the instruction, repeat the maneuver until he becomes frustrated and barks. As soon as he barks, reward him. He won’t understand why he is being rewarded at first, but in time he will eventually catch on.

Step 4 – Continue to repeat the lesson until he is responding as soon as you give the command.

Step 5 – Once he fully comprehends, increase the distance between you and your pet and continue your sessions. Your goal is to have him speak when he sees your hand signal, regardless of how far or close you may be to one another.

You can have a lot of fun with english bulldog training, so don’t be afraid to expand your dog’s education. The more time you spend together the greater your bond will be and the better leader you will be.

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