Easy Dog Tricks And The Treat

There are very few better feelings if you own a dog than being able to teach your furry friend easy dog tricks. The whole process is rewarding for both you and your pet so you both get something out of it, but only if you do it correctly. Think about it – would you work if you did not get paid at the end of the month? Would you help others to amass a personal fortune without getting anything in return? No you would not. Well it is the same for dogs. They are extremely eager to please and will do anything for a little praise but you will find that they will either not pick up easy dog tricks or pick them up incredibly slowly if you do not offer them some sort of incentive.

This is where the easy dog tricks treats come in handy. The treat acts an incentive when your dog is learning easy dog tricks because you can reward them in a currency they fully understand. If they perform the trick for you or make progress, whether it is right or wrong, you give them a treat. However, when teaching easy dog tricks the one thing you should never do is have a treat and withhold it because your dog will soon lose interest.

Treats must be given regularly to reinforce the teachings when you are bonding with your dog over easy dog tricks. This will help you to achieve success and move on to the next trick.

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