Easy Dog Tricks: Essential Equipment For Success

If you are planning on teaching your faithful friend easy dog tricks in the near future then you may well think that there is nothing to it. Alternatively, you may go the opposite way and be wary of the experience or even really apprehensive. If you fall into either of these schools of thought instead of taking a proactive approach and preparing then you may find that things do not go to plan. Preparation is the best way to go into teaching easy dog tricks and the items you will need are listed below for your convenience:

  1. A Quiet Room – It is important that here are no distractions around you at all when you start teaching your dog easy dog tricks. If there are any distractions at all, from toys to the TV to a second person, then the likelihood of you succeeding is dramatically reduced. Just make sure that you put all toys away, switch the TV or radio off and banish everyone else from the room before you start!
  2. A Clicker – This is completely optional because some people feel strongly against the use of them whereas others would not train a dog without one. If you do choose to use a clicker then make sure that you know how to use it in advance.
  3. Lots Of Treats – This is an absolute must! No dog will do any tricks at all if there are no treats involved. Rewarding your dog for learning easy dog tricks will reinforce the message that he or she has been a good dog and will help him or her to remember the trick.
  4. Patience! – This is also a must. It does sound ridiculous but it is true that you need patience. Your dog will sense any changes in your attitude so be aware you may need to wait a while for easy dog tricks to come together. If you remember that then you will soon be able to show your dog off to anyone that is interested!

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