Attention All Dog Owners...

Dog Training Made Easy!

Finally! You can end the agony and frustration of training your Jack Russell and
prevent behavior problems with these stunningly simple and
easy to follow (step-by-step) techniques...

Astonishing Results...
“Your ‘Dogs Made Easy’ System has been a revelation! I had no idea how important my body language was – or that there’s so much more to training than just giving commands. The progress I have made with Bailey is astonishing. It begs the question why it’s so difficult to find this information anywhere else...”
Robin Jacobs, Santa Monica, CA

Dear Dog Owner,

If you're like most dog owners, you have at least two dogs...

The dog your dog IS...

And the dog you WISH your dog would be.

If you've tried training your puppy or dog and still deal with embarrassing barking, unwelcomed "accidents," unsocial behavior with dogs and people, unwanted chewing/nipping, , jumping up, running off or other general disobedients and bad habits...

It's really NOT your fault. But the surprising news is...

It's Not Your Dog's Fault Either!

There are several very real reasons why training your dog has been so utterly frustrating, and why your dog training efforts have literally been doomed to failure from the start.

The truth is, no matter how difficult your dog seems to be, no matter how obstinate or "pig-headed"...

By Closely Following This Guide, You CAN Transform Your Jack Russell
Into he Model Pet You've Always Dreamed of Having

I'm going to share with you EXACTLY what's been holding you and your dog back, why success has constantly eluded you, and the proven step-by-step plan that will eliminate such troubling behaviors as:

Potty "accidents" Refusal to come when called
Excessive barking or whining Chewing and destructive behavior
Jumping up Biting and aggression
Chasing Digging


and much more

The techniques I want to share with you work for almost any dog in any situation quickly and easily. You CAN have a well-behaved and obedient dog - no matter what your "owner experience" is or how disobedient your dog might be right now.

But first, you need to know my story because hunting down and applying these techniques myself didn't just correct my dog's bad behavior, they...

Literally Saved My Sanity!

Hi my name is Suzanne Dale. Before I became President of the Dog Training Club, I was just another frustrated dog owner.

I don't know about you, but before I got my first dog, I used to daydream of having a true companion. A dog that was loyal, obedient, liked to cuddle and snuggle on the couch, and was quiet but protective.

I was so caught up in the romance of being a dog owner that it never occurred to me that I really didn't know the first thing about raising well-behaved dogs.

I thought they just came that way! (Talk about being seriously ill informed!)

So you can imagine my surprise when my new "companion" Rocky, a Belgain Shepherd, was anything and everything BUT well behaved. Oh don't get me wrong; he had his "cute" moments. But most of the time...

He Was a Hell Hound!

Every day was a constant battle of accidents all over the house, chewing on furniture legs and molding, destroying clothes and pillows, and generally anything he could get in his mouth and run away with!

Then there was the barking. Oh the barking! I really thought at one point his barking was going to cause the paint in my house to peel from the walls. I mean it was almost NEVER-ENDING!

And walks? Walks were great - as long as we went where NO other living thing was within smelling distance. If he saw another dog or person or anything moving, Rocky went into full-fledged attack mode. It had gotten so bad people in my neighborhood began hiding if they saw us coming.

But that wasn't the worst. What took me over the edge was one Saturday afternoon when Rocky was just over 5 months old. He was playing in the main room with one of his favorite chew toys when my 3 year old son innocently took the toy away.

Rocky - fast as a snake - snapped at my son's forehead, narrowly missing with his barred teeth. My son was petrified. I was scared to death...and livid. This had gone on long enough. I was at the end of my rope! (Can you relate?)

It was time for a serious change or Rocky was gone!

If you can relate to any of this...if you feel like you just can't take it a moment longer...

I have good news. In fact here's exactly...

What I Did To Turn My "Nightmare" Jack Russell Into My "Dream" Companion...

The first thing I did was hop on over to my local bookstore. I combed the shelves looking at every dog training book they had. I bought the best 3 or 4 books and headed home, confident my "salvation" was in the bookstore shopping bag.

I read every line of each book, took dozens of pages of notes, and put the various exercises into action.

Rocky, not surprisingly, was very stubborn at first. But then, after a lot of reinforcement, he seemed to start catching on to small commands like "sit" or "no."

I was encouraged and kept on.

But after several more weeks Rocky's improvement seemed to plateau...then regress!

Before long, we were right back where we started. No...actually things were worse because now, Rocky was even more unruly than before. It's almost like he figured out my "game" and decided to beat me at it.

I was hopelessly frustrated!

That's when I decided Rocky needed professional help.

So I sought out the advice of 3 dog trainers, 2 animal behaviorists, and 16 dog experienced breeders. When I told them about the books I used to train Rocky, every single one of them shook their heads in dismay.

That's when I knew I was going about training my dog completely wrong. In fact, these dog professionals told me EXACTLY what I was doing wrong. What they pointed out can be boiled down to three main ineffective techniques I had been "taught" by these books.

One: The Hopelessly General

The professionals told me that a few of the books I was following were just way too general to be of any use. For instance, these books approached dog training as if all dogs have the same temperament, intelligence, and ability to focus. But techniques that are designed to work best with terriers are less effective than the ones meant for labs. And blended dogs, like Rocky, were even more complex.

Two: Outdated & Unkind

Dog training programs that advise you to strike your dog, rub their nose in their "accidents," smack their nose to stop their barking, or shut them up in a room or crate for long hours to "teach them who's boss" are dangerously outdated and simply do not work. As a matter of fact, these methods actually harm your dog's psyche causing them to obey you out of fear instead of respect and love.

Three: The Frustratingly Ineffective

Look, the main problem with most off-the-shelves books is the methods don't work for one simple reason: they supposedly show you how to train your dog but do nothing to about training you as the dog owner. The simple fact is training your dog effectively starts and ends with you being properly trained to communicate with your dog in their language. And that begs the question...

Are There Really Problem Dogs... or Just Problem Owners?

No matter what you may think or have been told, no dog is born inherently bad. And, equally, no dog is born ready-trained and with a clear understanding of what is or is not acceptable behavior in your home and around other people. Just like small children, dogs make mistakes and have to be shown how to behave.

But here’s the problem. Even though we regard our dogs as much-loved members of our family, make no mistake about it, dogs are not human. And unlike your children, your dog does not understand a word you say!

Think about it. You wouldn’t speak to a giraffe or a fish and expect them to understand what you meant. So why on earth do you expect your dog to understand you? Dogs are not humans in fur coats: they are a completely different species.

They think in a different way, they communicate in a different way, and they are motivated by a completely different set of natural instincts.

So, if you want to raise a problem-free dog, you’ll have to do a bit more than just shout out a few commands and give your dog a serious talking to.

The good news is that unlike other dog guides, the methods I now use (that work so well) show you simple but powerful techniques for communicating with your dog in a way that your dog will really understand.

Are You Ready For Legitimate, Honest, Dog Training Methods That
Really Work, Based On A Sound Behavioral & Psychological Model?

Picture Yourself - enjoying your dog behaving themselves around your friends, family and strangers, all of whom are amazed at how well-trained and obedient your canine companion is...the same people who always found excuses not to come to your home or went out of their way to avoid you while you walked your dog. The same people who groaned and even joked about how obnoxious your dog was...

Now they see your dog quietly obeying your every command while asking you where they can get a dog just like yours.

Imagine Yourself - actually eager to take your dog out in public. Imagine you and your dog quietly enjoying a nice walk and feeling confident when children run up to pet your dog, knowing you never again have to worry about bad behaviors like barking, jumping, and nipping. The dog training success that has eluded you again and again can finally be "real" for you.

Introducing The "Dogs Made Easy" Training Program

A primary cause of problem-behavior in dogs is miscommunication between dog and owner. The way to a problem-free dog, then, is to learn what your dog is thinking and how to talk to your dog in a language that he understands. In other words, to learn to “speak dog”.

The success of the communication techniques recommended in ‘Dogs Made Easy’ speak for themselves.

As I write, 5,481 dogs across the world – including dogs owned by novices, experienced owners, trainers and canine professionals – have been trained using the ‘Dogs Made Easy’ training program. That’s a lot of very happy owners!

Just like them, with ‘Dogs Made Easy’ you will discover how to grab your dog’s undivided attention and talk to him in a way that he really understands and responds to. Amongst other things, we will reveal:

Exactly what your dog is thinking – you’ll be shocked to find out it’s not what you thought he was thinking...

How to read your dog’s body language (especially useful when you are housetraining!) and how to use your own body language to influence your dog’s behavior and supercharge his training...

How to slash your dog’s training time in half but produce 100% reliable results - discover how to tap into your dog’s own hard-wired instincts for learning...

How to avoid the biggest common mistakes when housetraining and what your dog is really thinking when he looks guilty about those little accidents...

The four simple things you can do to prevent annoying problems such as biting, chewing, jumping up, barking, chasing, begging and aggression, from ever happening in the first place – or to resolve any bad habits your Dog has already picked up. You’ll be astonished at how quickly your dog will grasp this...

How your dog’s behavior will change as he matures, what important signs you should look out for and how to avoid mistakes at critical life stages...

The single most important thing you can do to ensure that your dog becomes a happy, friendly, and confident ‘citizen’...

How responsible use of a crate can give your dog a very important message – as well as save you a shed load of money!

The essential do’s and don’ts for ensuring that your kids and your dog become the best of friends...

Simple, foolproof ways to show your dog that you are boss – without ever laying a finger on him...

How a simple but effective technique called ‘aversion therapy’ will make your dog realize for himself that bad behavior is not worth repeating...

But that’s not all...

There’s another even more important reason why you should consider buying ‘Dogs Made Easy’...

With A Little Patience and Work, This Guide Could Save Your Jack Russell’s Life!

Everyone wants a problem-free Dog, but there’s another huge worry that dog lovers have which is how to make sure that they care for their dog properly and can keep their dog safe and healthy.

Our dogs may not be human – and we’ve already seen how we need to account for that when we communicate with them – but they are definitely 100% members of our family. If your dog is sick or in danger, the fear and worry you will experience will be the same as that felt for a child. It can make you feel utterly helpless.

Of course, armed with the right knowledge and information, you can put your mind at rest because you will know what danger signs to look out for and are doing all the right things. But not all so-called ‘dog’ guides actually give you much information that is relevant to dogs – and that might cost your dog his life.

In ‘Dogs Made Easy’ you will also discover:

The do’s and don’ts of choosing a healthy pup or adult dog – and how to avoid unscrupulous breeders who are just out to make a fast buck...

The truth about ‘Pocket Dogs’ – don’t buy one until you’ve read this first!

Which 3 health certificates you must ask for when you visit a breeder to choose your puppy – and why. This is crucial if you want to avoid serious health problems with your puppy in later life...

What you must do to puppy-proof your home and garden – there are several common items that could be fatal to your dog...

The importance of your dog’s diet and how his needs might change as he gets older. All the information you need to decide whether to feed your dog a commercial food or a home-made diet – and how the right diet can help avoid allergies and other health problems...

What to look for when choosing a vet for your dog – and why you shouldn’t just go for the friendliest and the cheapest...

10 serious health conditions that can affect dogs specifically. We’ll tell you what symptoms to look out for and what the expected diagnosis is for your dog. Early identification and treatment could mean the difference between life and death...

The 10 foods that you must NEVER feed your dog – they are all toxic and could be fatal, even if consumed in small quantities...

Which 4 items in the 'small print' you should look out for before committing to a pet insurance policy – you could save yourself a lot of time and money...

The only way to stop your dog from eating his own poop...

The single most important thing you must give your Dog if you want him to be healthy and happy – it’s embarrassingly easy...

How to administer First Aid if your dog is injured, bleeding, not breathing, burned, poisoned, choking, or suffering from a fever – and when you should go straight to your vet...

And much more!

Imagine the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that you have such a comprehensive dog reference tool on hand.

Everything you need to know in order to train and properly care for your dog is included in the 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program.

And the best part: You'll even have on-demand access around the clock to the latest expert advice and guidance available anywhere. (More on this in just a minute).

But first...

Here’s How To Get On A Fast Track To Getting
A Problem-Free, Healthy & Happy Dog...

‘Dogs Made Easy’ reveals the most reliable, tried-and-tested techniques for training your dog and resolving problem behavior in the shortest possible time. It also gives you essential dog-specific advice and guidance about choosing and caring for your dog.

'Dogs Made Easy' is a 9 module system that's designed to take you - no matter how new of an owner you are - from complete novice to dog training expert in a matter of days.

No matter how big of a problem your dog seems right matter how unsuccessful you've been up to this point...the 'Dogs Made Easy' system will take you from stress and frustration to utter confidence and peace of mind - or I'll give you your money back!

Here's what you can expect from each of the modules:

'Dogs Made Easy' Module 1: Introductory Guide

This comprehensive dog specific guide is based on the latest dog training techniques being used by professionals around the world. It contains what you need to know about acquiring and looking after your dog and making him a happy, healthy, and friendly family member, including:

Physical attributes and breed standard for different dog breeds...
Dog history...
Personality and temperament by breed...
The do’s and don’ts of choosing a dog – puppy or adult...
Introduction to dog training – discover which is the best method for training your specific breed...
A shopping list of essential equipment...
Detailed instructions on how to puppy proof your home and garden...
The truth about how much exercise your dog really needs...
The lowdown on the best toys, games and activities to keep your dog stimulated and strengthen the bond between you...
Comprehensive information about nutrition so that you can make an informed choice about what to feed your dog...
Top tips on what you should do to make sure your dog and your kids become best friends...
An introduction to dog breeding...
First aid and dog specific health issues, including details on what symptoms you should be concerned about and how problems might be avoided...
Dog life stages, including important advice on what you should be doing and when to make sure that your dog matures into a confident and well-behaved dog.
And much more!

The 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program is every dog lover’s bible and provides an invaluable reference tool no matter what breed of dog you have.


'Dogs Made Easy' Module 2: House-training And Crate Training

A must for anyone contemplating buying a puppy or who is experiencing problems with an older dog. The step-by-step techniques and methods detailed in this guide are guaranteed to get your dog dry in the house in the quickest possible time.

And the comprehensive list of 'do’s and don’ts' and 'top tips' will ensure you avoid some very common and disastrous training mistakes.

This guide also includes a 24 hour, easy-to-follow, crate training schedule, showing you how to use a crate responsibly and exactly when and for how long to put your dog in the crate – and what you should be doing with him when he is out of the crate.


'Dogs Made Easy' Module 3: Basic Obedience Training

We may think that our dogs understand every word we say but, the fact is, dogs are dogs and they aren’t born with a clear understanding of what is or is not acceptable behavior in the human world. Moreover, dogs have a very specific set of breed characteristics that affect the way in which they learn.

This guide is based on tried-and-tested methods of working with dogs and is perfect for the first time dog owner. It clearly shows you how to communicate with your dog in a way that she or he will easily understand and readily respond to. This module comes with step-by-step instructions and illustrations for teaching each of the 6 basic core commands –

Sit Stay Come Down Drop Heel

– and it's packed with top tips on how to avoid common mistakes and resolve training issues. This guide is guaranteed to get your dog reliably responding to your commands in the shortest possible time.


'Dogs Made Easy' Module 4: More Dog Problems Solved!

No matter how good your intentions and how hard you try, even the best behaved dog will usually exhibit unwanted problem behaviors of some kind at some stage in its life. And let’s face it, a badly behaved dog really can ruin your life.

This guide explains the reasons why dogs behave badly and gives you some embarrassingly simple ways of preventing problem behaviors from ever occurring in the first place. But it also gives you sure-fire ways of tackling existing problem behaviors, showing you exactly what you need to do to stop bad habits fast. Problems covered include:

Barking Biting Chewing
Anxiety Jumping up Digging
Chasing Pulling on the leash Territory marking
Different types of aggression    

We know, from the many emails we get every day, that these are by far the most common problems experienced by dog owners. And yet, the solutions are so simple when you know how to communicate with your dog in a way that he understands. This guide is a must for every dog owner who wants a problem-free dog.


'Dogs Made Easy' Module 5: Basic Dog Tricks

Teaching your dog a few tricks is a great way to show off how clever she is and is also a neat reminder that your relationship with your dog – and your learning journey together – is, above all, supposed to be enjoyable and fun. This guide gives you step-by-step instructions with illustrations for teaching your dog how to:

Shake Wave Beg Kiss Play dead

You won’t believe how clever your dog is!


'Dogs Made Easy' Module 6: Advanced Dog Training

The important thing to remember about dog training is that it is a lifetime’s work. Just because your dog has completely mastered the basics does not mean that you can or should stop training. Advanced training provides that opportunity for you to support your dog with lifelong learning and mental stimulation.

This guide explains why, when, and how to introduce your dog to advanced training and, using methods and techniques that have been proven to work best with dogs, will guide you step-by-step through the process required to get your dog to respond to:

More challenging recall ‘Go to your bed’ Get ‘off’ ‘Wait’
‘Down’ from a distance ‘Leave it!’ Retrieve ‘Ring It’

Packed with tips and lots of illustrations, the Advanced Training Guide gives you the opportunity not only to increase your dog’s repertoire of learned behaviors, but also to improve and fine-tune your dog’s responses to the basic commands so that you have a more reliable level of control.


'Dogs Made Easy' Module 7: Clicker Training

When it comes to dog obedience, clicker training is still a relatively new training tool but is quickly gaining popularity as more and more professional trainers see the benefits. As well as being an effective training tool, using a clicker can improve your dog’s health, activity and attitude and generally make him more contented.

This guide will explain exactly how clicker training works and what the many benefits are. You will discover how you can use the clicker to capture, shape or lure the required behavior and the step-by-step instructions and illustrations will show you how to use the clicker to train your dog to:

Sit Down Heel Take a bow High five
Stay Come Crawl Touch it! Dance

'Dogs Made Easy' Module 8: Advanced Dog Tricks

Teaching your dog tricks is not only fun but provides your dog with a great physical and mental workout, too, and increases the bond between you. With step-by-step instructions, these Advanced Tricks will give you plenty to work on and are guaranteed to impress your friends and family. Your dog will learn how to:

Speak/Be quiet Roll-over By my side Agree?
Shut the door Spin & Twirl Cross your paws Basic agility

'Dogs Made Easy' Module 9: Introduction To Dog Whispering

If you’re really into dogs, you can’t have failed to miss the incredible achievements of Cesar Milan, the ‘Dog Whisperer’. His magical approach has transformed the lives of many ‘lost cause’ dogs – and their owners. Cesar believes that most problem behaviors we experience with dogs arises because we have a tendency to treat them like humans, not dogs.

This module gives you an insight into the dog whispering philosophy and shows you how you a better understanding of your dog’s psychology can massively improve your relationship with your pet. You will learn:

The history of dog whispering
The benefits of dog whispering
Canine psychology, including the way of the wolf
Easy ways to make yourself ‘pack leader’
The importance of body language and how to ‘speak dog’

For anyone who wants to experience the pleasure of an intensely close bond with his or her dog, this guide is essential.

Plus My Team Of Experts And I Will Help You Personally...

I'm sure you can see the 'Dogs Made Easy' training program is unlike anything you've ever seen before. By following the modules and implementing the techniques and exercises... can expect to confidently and rapidly change your dog's behavior from defiance to willing obedience.

But that's not all. As comprehensive and fundamentally sound 'Dogs Made Easy' is, there are bound to be some questions that come up...some scenarios that make you unsure how to proceed.

We are absolutely committed to your success and don't want a single question to derail you.

We want you to have access to all the latest dog training tips and ensure that ALL of your questions are answered... and help you reach success in training your dog even faster.

That's why, for a limited time, we're giving you access to two of our most popular and valuable services for FREE...

Dogs Made Easy Bonus #1:
FREE LIFETIME Platinum Membership

The Dog Training Club is a unique and exclusive online resource written and maintained by dog experts. Continuously updated with the very latest in dog training and care information, it provides a one-stop reference for all your canine questions, and includes a section devoted entirely to your dog breed.

As a Platinum Member of The Dog Training Club you will enjoy:

New tips & information every single month on the latest training, care, equipment, behavior & advice for your dog...
Access to video training clips showing you exactly how the experts train dogs...
Discounts on a comprehensive range of dog products, equipment, & food...
How to avoid the biggest common mistakes when housetraining and what your dog is really thinking when he looks guilty about those little accidents...
Access to live & recorded interviews with expert dog trainers, vets, behaviorists and other professionals.

Plus, you’ll get unlimited access to our extensive library of the very best resources on dog training, health, and behavior. Here’s just a few of the titles you’ll get:

Common Dog Ailments
Stop Your Dogs Chronic Barking
Stop Puppy Biting
The Joys And Challenges Of Adopting A Dog
Dog Agility Training
Dog Show Guide
Dog Sports Guide
Your Guide To Your Older Dog
Guide To Dog Arthritis

The Dog Training Club is there for you with information, assistance & advice for the life of your dog.

Normally, membership of The Dog Training Club would cost $14.95 per month but, for a limited time, when you sign up for the 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program it's FREE for the LIFETIME OF YOUR DOG.


Dogs Made Easy Bonus #2:
Unlimited Email Advice For The Lifetime Of Your Dog

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own Dog expert living right next door to you? Even better, someone who was a professional dog trainer, behaviorist and vet, all rolled into one?

And maybe even someone who, when you are tearing your hair out with worry or frustration about your dog, could be called upon during holidays and out of hours too – without charging you an arm and a leg for the pleasure?

Well, buy the 'Dogs Made Easy' training program and you will also benefit from unlimited, ongoing free support and advice by email for the lifetime of your Dog. This truly is an incredible and priceless offer.

Here’s how it works... Anytime you have a query about your dog’s health, training or behavior, simply send an email to the experts at our support desk and you will receive a prompt reply full of practical advice, guidance and tips – and tailored specifically to you and your dog.

And you can do this as many times as you like throughout the lifetime of your dog! Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that there is always an expert on hand to guide you through your dog’s trials and tribulations.


15 Reasons To Purchase The Dogs Made Easy Program

Here's why you can expect to get positive results even if you've tried every program under the sun to teach your dog obedience and good behavior...

NO complicated techniques.

NO corporal punishment.
NO expensive training tools.
NO potentially dangerous methods.
NO painful punishments.
NO one-size-fits-all approaches.
YES, it's based on current professional techniques.
YES, you can see positive results within days or hours.
YES, we can help with basic and advanced obedience.
Yes, we can help tih housebreaking and crate training.
YES, we can help with pulling on a leash.
YES, we can help with excessive barking.
YES, we can help with nipping & biting.
YES, we can help with jumping up.
YES, we can help with other problems too :)
YES! It works all breeds, crosses, ages and temprements of dog.
YES! You get our amazing 90-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

What About the Cost?

'Dogs Made Easy' is a complete training program, including thorough dog behavior correction techniques.

We've sold this exact program with all the amazing bonuses to hundreds of satisfied customers for the value-based price of only $99.95.

Many of the top trainers charge that or more per day of training your dog.

That's why so many of our earlier customers found 'Dogs Made Easy' to be such an absolute bargain. When you consider the relief from stress that you and your family will feel having a calm, obedient dog, it's hard to truly put a price on that.

Ultimately, you'll have to decide just how much your peace of mind is worth.

But here's the best news yet: Your investment in the 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program won't cost you $99.95.

For a very limited time, if you order today, you can get the 'Dogs Made Easy' training program, the FREE Lifetime Gold Membership and the FREE Lifetime email support...

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That's less than a third of what some trainers charge by the hour!

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PLUS...Your Satisfaction Is Completely Backed By Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. You see, I completely stand by the information, advice and techniques in 'Dogs Made Easy' will give you a happy, friendly and problem-free Dog.

You’ve already read some of the testimonials from satisfied 'Dogs Made Easy' customers so here’s what I’d like you to do. Use the Dogs Made Easy Program yourself for 90 days with no risk whatsoever. The risk is completely mine.

If you use the suggested techniques with your dog and they don’t work every bit as well as I have promised...if your dog doesn’t respond to your efforts or seems unhappy in any way... I will promptly refund you every cent you invested. That’s how confident I am that the 'Dogs Made Easy' program will change forever the way that you communicate with your Dog.

So Just to Summarize

When you order today, you'll receive, in the next 5 minutes, via digital download...



The Complete 9 - Module 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program ($99.97 Value)

Module 1: Introductory Guide
Module 2: Housetraining And Crate Training
Module 3: Basic Obedience Training
Module 4: More Dog Problems Solved!
Module 5: Basic Dog Tricks
Module 6: Advanced Dog Training
Module 7: Clicker Training
Module 8: Advanced Dog Tricks
Module 9: Introduction To Dog Whispering


FREE LIFETIME Platinum Membership ($119.40 Value)
Unlimited Email Advice ($97.95 Value)
And a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


That's a total value of $317.32 -
all for the ridiculously low one time price of only $27.95.....

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If Not Now, When? If Not This Program, How?

I have a few final thoughts; the fact that you've read this far, through this entire, lengthy article obviously speaks loudly.

You're probably concerned about your dog's bad behavior issues. Youprobably desire a calm obedient dog that you can enjoy in private and in public. You probably have been frustrated and disappointed with other dog training programs.

Having read this entire page, wanting to see positive progress in your dog's obedience, and being offered a cutting edge, top of the line training program based on current professional training techniques at an amazingly low price, why wouldn't you order?

If you do not make the positive decision to finally see success with your dog now - when will you? What more would it take to motivate you to action?

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If you are not going to finally follow a proven tried and true dog training program based on the latest behavioral studies and training techniques, then how else are you going to teach your dog how to be well-behaved and obedient?

The truth is the only way to see real success training your dog is to learn to think and speak your dog's language. And 'Dogs Made Easy' will show you how fast and easy you can do just that - and positively change your dog's behavior for good.

I can't wait to hear from you.

Suzanne Dale
President of The Dog Training Club

P.S. – Remember, the risk is entirely on me. You can use your 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program for 90 days and prove to yourself the techniques work. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, for any reason, just contact me for refund – no questions asked.

P.P.S. – I can only keep this special offer open for a short time after which the price for the 'Dogs Made Easy' Training Program will revert to the normal retail price. So don’t delay...


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