Dogs Need Consistency in Training

Hopefully, you’ve now had chance to download your copy of [i4w_ud_DogBreed]s Made Easy and at least familiarized yourself with the content.  If so, you’ll have noticed that as well as loads of really useful information about owning and caring for [i4w_ud_DogName], there is also plenty of information devoted to training too.  And if you look in more detail at the training sections, there’s one key point that you’re likely to notice: consistency is highly stressed.

Just like small children, [i4w_ud_DogBreed]s respond well to clear rules and boundaries.  They enjoy the discipline – and they enjoy the positive response they get from you when they do the right thing.  So, one of the key elements to consistency is knowing how you’re going to do things from the very start, and then sticking to that approach; permanently.  That includes making a decision about house rules and obedience training techniques.

dog on bedIdeally, you need to have made these decisions before you even bring your dog home so that there’s no opportunity for your [i4w_ud_DogBreed] to get confused or pick up bad habits.  However, it’s never too late to make a fresh start – just be aware that you will need extra patience and commitment with an older dog.  Above all, once you’ve made your decisions about training techniques and house rules, never compromise.  For example, if you aren’t going to allow [iw4_ud_DogName] to climb all over the furniture or sleep on your bed, don’t think it’s okay to occasionally allow an afternoon snooze on the sofa when you fancy a cuddle.

By being consistent about the rules and the way you train [i4w_ud_DogName], you will be speaking the lessons loud and clear, without any doubt or confusion.  This will be much more rewarding both for [iw4_ud_DogName], who really does want to please you, and you.  What’s more, by applying a consistent approach and laying down clear rules, [i4w_ud_DogName] will come to respect you as a great pack leader and will be more happy and willing to follow your instructions.

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