Using Dog Toys to Teach Your Puppy Not to Bite

One of the more common methods that owners are beginning to use to teach their dogs not to bite people is through a technique that involves their toys. The main problem that many owners face in training their dogs not to bite is that they don’t realize that this means that no form of biting at any time can be considered acceptable.

There is a great deal of conflicting advice out there, but one thing that is acceptable among all dog experts is the need to be consistent. Consistency, in this case, means that you never allow any kind of biting from your dog. By breaking in the consistency, you can confuse your dog, so that it may begin to believe that biting is allowable at some times, or that there will simply be times when it can get away with the behavior, so it may be worthwhile to try.

Stopping your puppy from biting eliminates the problem early on. To do this, you need to know the two main reasons that puppies bite and then provide them with an alternative behavior.

The first is that puppies learn their environments through their mouths. Therefore, they pick things up, mouth, or chew things in order to better understand them. This is an instinctive behavior. Teach your dog that there is a difference between chewing on you and your possessions and chewing on its own dog toys. By giving your dog something else to put in its mouth – something allowable – when your dog needs to fill that instinctual physical need to bite onto something, it will know what is permissible.

The second issue that encourages puppies to bite is dominance and aggression. Both of these should be dealt with as early as possible. Find out about ways to establish your status as “alpha” in the family pack by speaking with trainers and the veterinarian. This can include managing issues of toy possession, where the dog’s aggression over its toys can actually be used as a tool to teach your dog that it must respect you, and that aggressive behaviors such as biting will not be tolerated.

You will be able to show your dog the preferred behaviors so that it learns that it doesn’t need to bite in order to satisfy its needs of live comfortably in your family.

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