Dog Agility Training And Equipment: A Quick Introduction

If you are a dog owner then you may have heard of dog agility training and equipment and the hours of entertainment and exercise it can give to man’s best friend. You may even have seen it without realising, but if you want your dog to benefit from it then you need to know a little about it first. Dog agility really is a simple concept so you need to just read a little about it and get the dog agility training and equipment bug in order for you and your dog to benefit.

In effect, dog agility training and equipment is a sport in which your dog would make his way through an obstacle course with you guiding him or her and letting him or her know where to go. This not only tests the dog’s intelligence but also your ability to relate to and control your dog. You cannot us a lead or any other device to gain control. Instead, in addition to the dog agility training and equipment, you only have your body language and voice. As such, obedience is a must.

There are numerous ways in which you can set up dog agility training and equipment at home if you prefer that option to heading to a local dog training school or club. Either way, it is completely your choice and one that could be incredibly beneficial to you and your dog for years to come!

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