The Difference a Treat Makes When Training Your Dog

Reward-based training is, by far, the most effective training technique for the majority of [i4w_db__DogBreed]s. Not only is the method humane, but it works with this breed’s natural instinct to please its master in its behaviors.

The rewards used in reward-based training techniques can be anything that the dog finds pleasurable. However, with [i4w_db__DogBreed]s, a little treat can go a long way. The trick is to find the right treat for the job.

First, the treat should be one that is used only for training purposes, making it special. Don’t use bits of [i4w_ud_DogName]’s kibble or treats that are regularly handed out on other occasions. Instead, choose a treat that [i4w_ud_DogName] will only get for performing in a desirable way during training.

Next, make sure that the treat is something that is highly flavored and enjoyable to your dog. After all, the treats will be providing the main motivation for [i4w_ud_DogName] to do as you have asked. For the best results, therefore, and particularly when training recall, you’re going to want the motivation to be very good.

Of course, you do need to keep weight and nutrition in mind when choosing the treats, as well. [i4w_db__DogBreed]s are prone to obesity, so pumping them full of high-calorie and high-fat treats throughout the entire length of the training process won’t do anything for your dog’s health. Try to find a treat that is relatively low in fat and calories and be prepared to experiment. Some dogs can be motivated with pieces of chopped up raw carrot or apple. Others prefer bits of cooked chicken. So you don’t always have to buy pet store treats.

Also, instead of giving [i4w_ud_DogName] a whole treat every time, you can always break up the treat and give just a little bite at a time. As long as [i4w_ud_DogName] can taste the treat, then it is enough reward for an action well performed.

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