The 12 Don’ts Of Dalmatian Training

There are many great ways you can effectively carry out dalmatian training, but there are also many easy mistakes that can be made that you should avoid. These mistakes can mean the difference between success and failure. The following are 12 blunders you should avoid:

  1. Don’t use punishment during Dalmatian training, especially when you are angry or lack control.
  2. Do not punish your pooch with any of the training tools or instruments you are using because you don’t want him to associate them with fear or anger.
  3. Don’t sneak up behind your pet and grab him from behind.
  4. Don’t tell him to come to you and then reprimand him. You are sending him confusing signals and are deceiving him, which will only work against you.
  5. Do not trick, tease or taunt your pet for your own fun. This is cruel and it is very upsetting to him when he cannot get to you.
  6. Don’t nag your pooch with constant commands. Consistency is important for Dalmatian training but that doesn’t mean you should hassle him incessantly. Harping on him too much will only irritate him.
  7. Don’t train your animal directly after he has eaten or immediately after he drinks. Give him time to relax and digest.
  8. Don’t try to instruct him when he is hyper and full of energy. Exercise him before you start a session.
  9. Don’t lose patience with your dog or take your frustrations out on him. If you are not calm enough to train him, postpone until you are.
  10. Don’t engage in agility dalmatian training or other feats that require a lot of strength and endurance until he is a minimum of 6 months of age.
  11. Don’t have more than one person train your companion. He should have only one teacher when he is learning. Also, once he has learned a command everyone who uses it must deliver it in the way in which he was taught. This means using the correct tone, word and hand signal.
  12. Don’t expect dalmatian training to be a flawless and fast process. Your pet may struggle with grasping certain commands or might go through a stubborn streak. It may take as long as a year before your dog is the wonderful companion you want him to be. Remember to be fair, patient and consistent during this time.

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