Practical Dachshund Training

When you engage in Dachshund training you need to be very mindful of you pet’s physical limitations . Why? Dachshunds are known for their distinctive long and wiener-like body shape and short legs. While this is an ideal physical structure for burrowing after rodents underground, it also leaves him at risk for a variety of injuries, especially ones involving his back.

Since this is the case, you will want to be careful of what tricks you include in Dachshund training. For instance, you should avoid teaching him tricks that involve jumping or climbing as these actions place a lot of stress on his spine, back and leg joints. Furthermore, this also means you shouldn’t let him jump up or down from furniture or climb deep steps. Pick him up and carry him when necessary.

Due to the fact that there is potential for your doxie to injure himself, and you may not want to carry him everywhere you go, you will find that a dog ramp may be quite useful for helping your pooch reach high places without your assistance and without hurting himself.

Dog ramps can be found online and in many pet stores. They are a simple device that can be attached to furniture, etc. They are designed so that the dog simply walks up the slope to reach his destination. While these ramps can be very useful and practical, you should know that there will likely be some dachshund training required before your pet is comfortable with the idea of walking up an inclined object.

If your companion is wary of the slope at first, introduce it to him slowly. Lay it on the ground and encourage him to walk across it. Do not rush him; let him do this of his own free will. Have patience and let him investigate it for himself. Once he walks across praise and reward him with a treat for encouragement.

Next, after he has walked across the ramp a few times while it rested on the floor, raise it and attach it to the couch or a chair (a place where he is allowed to go). Guide him up by holding his collar. When he reaches the top, give him a treat. Remember, you want him to only associate the ramp with good thoughts, so be gentle and calm in your Dachshund training.

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