Dachshund Puppy Training – Stopping Digging

There are many things that should be included in dachshund puppy training aside from housebreaking your pooch and teaching him basic commands. He should also be taught not to dig in your garden or your backyard. This is important not only because he can ruin your grass, flowers and other outdoor elements, but he can also dig under your fence and escape from the yard, as well as endanger his health if he is digging in an area that contains fertilizers, toxic plants or insecticides.

The first aspect you need to understand about digging and dachshund puppy training is that this is an instinct that is vey natural for them. Doxies were originally bred for hunting and burrowing after animals so they will feel inclined to dig; you should expect this of them. Thus, if and when your pet starts to dig, you need to first find out why he is doing it.

Dachshunds dig for a variety of reasons including:

  • Boredom
  • They are trying to capture a pest
  • Something has caught their interest
  • It’s fun

To deter your puppy from digging here are some tips you can put into practice:

Tip 1 – Do not leave him out in the yard for a long time unattended. Dogs become bored and should be stimulated physically and mentally. Spend time with him, walk him and make sure he has toys to play with. Do not expect your pet to behave and constantly entertain himself because you won’t like what he does for amusement. One of the main rules of dachshund puppy training is that these canines should never be left to their own devices.

Tip 2 – Make sure your fence is at least two feet below the ground to prevent him from escaping. If you cannot burry your fence deeper, you can also use chicken wire at the base of the fence or partly bury large rocks along the bottom line of the barrier.

Tip 3 – Bury something he won’t like in areas where he likes to excavate. Place his feces in the ground where he typically digs and when he finds it he will be turned off and will likely no longer touch the area.

Tip 4 – Provide him with an acceptable digging spot. There is nothing wrong with allowing your pup to dig in an area that you approve of if he proves to be a persistent digger. Designate a spot in your yard for him and cover this part with sand or loose soil. Then use dachshund puppy training to teach him to dig there. Essentially, when you catch him digging in an area he is not allowed tell him “No” and bring him to his proper spot.

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