Use Crate Training To Establish Yourself as Family Alpha

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is an exciting time. When you first bring your fuzzy new family member into your home, it’s natural to want to make it feel comfortable and to feel inclined to neglect some of your intended rules. That said, if you don’t get started on establishing the rules of the household right from the start, you’ll only be allowing your dog to build habits that will later need to be broken. You’ll find it much easier to train your dog if you get things started on the right foot.

As pack animals that have a natural hierarchy, dogs will take advantage of any opportunity their owner will give them. While this doesn’t mean that you have to be an army drill sergeant toward your new puppy, it does make an important difference if you set down the rules and build the right habits from the start. This will be a critical part of your bonding and will give your puppy a sense of security in knowing what is expected from it right from the very start. It will help to show your dog that you are the family alpha so that there will be respect from the start.

Before you begin crate training, you’ll need to decide on the goals for the training n the first place. Is it simply to help you to housetrain your pet? Is it a part of teaching your dog the family household rules? Is it a reinforcement of the fact that you are the alpha of the family, as a part of dominance training? Or are you trying to achieve all of these goals and others as well? Determine your goals before you get things started so that you can educate yourself regarding the right techniques and stick to them from the get-go.

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