Using a Crate to Help Get a Better Sleep at Night

During the first few weeks that you own your new dog, you may start to feel as though you’ve brought home a new baby. You need to be ready for some whimpering when it’s time to go to bed, and there will be times that you hear whining during the night. Keep in mind that this is the first time that your puppy is sleeping alone and it can take some time to become used to it. Crate training can help you to reduce the anxiety that your puppy feels at this time and can help both you and your puppy feel less stress from being apart so that you can achieve a better sleep at night.

Being able to use a crate in order to achieve a better sleep at night is quite easy. The sooner you begin, the simpler it will be. In fact, if you have the crate ready to use and you know how you will be crate training from the very start, you should have very little problems with your puppy at night. As your dog becomes accustomed to the crate, you will find that it is also very helpful in your housetraining efforts, too.

The trick is how you put your dog into its crate every night. Try and create a bedtime routine that is calm and consistent so that your dog always knows what to expect. Keep things low-key and begin by letting your dog out to relieve itself. Make sure that the crate’s floor is soft and comfortable. Wait until your dog is feeling calm to put it into the crate. If it is upset, anxious, or scared, you need to soothe your dog so that it can be calm when it enters the crate. Don’t make a big fuss about the experience. A simple “goodnight” and shutting the door is all that is needed.

You’ll likely discover that your dog will settle down more quickly every night and you’ll be able to achieve a good night’s sleep very close to the start.

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