Cockapoo Puppy Training – Properly Handling Your Pet

Cockapoo puppy training isn’t simply a matter of teaching your dog commands and obedience. It is also about establishing a bond of trust between you and your companion. This specific bond is very important because once you have your pet’s trust, he will respect your authority, will be more inclined to listen to you and cooperative. It also provides him with confidence and he will be more attached to you.

One of the best ways to build trust when Cockapoo puppy training is to know how to handle him. Handling is something that should be done soon after you make him part of your family. All that you are required to do is familiarize your dog with the feeling of being touched all over. This may seem like a no brainer and you might think it will be simple to achieve, but you would surprised at how much your puppy tries to squirm and get away. This is why you need to get him used to being handled at a young age or you will really struggle when he’s an adult.

The following is how you should handle your dog on a daily basis to develop trust.  Do the following while touching and speaking to him gently:

  • Rub his belly
  • Hold each leg when he is standing and freely move his legs when he is lying down
  • Touch their paws and the skin between their pads
  • Push back the fur that covers their feet to expose their nails
  • Move his tail up, down and around
  • Massage his muzzle and face
  • Open his mouth and push his lips up and down to examine teeth and gums
  • Check his ears by lifting them and peaking inside

Once he is familiar with your gentle touch, you can then move on to training cockapoo methods involving grooming, as grooming your pooch is the next step to establishing trust and a stronger bond.

Handling your four legged friend will eventually bring him comfort and can sooth him. You will also find that it will make controlling him and caring for his coat, nails and the rest of his body much easier. Puppy training cockapoo companions that trust you is far simpler than dealing with those who have not been properly socialized or handled.

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