Clickers And Easy Dog Tricks

There has been a debate raging amongst dog owners, professional trainers and other individuals involved in dogs as to whether clickers should be used to train dogs in any way, shape or form. Some say definitely not, others say that there is nothing wrong with it and then there are the few individuals that sit on the fence. Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that the clicker can help your dog to pick up easy dog tricks at a much faster rate than would otherwise be possible.

Clickers and easy dog tricks go together well, and adding treats into the mix is actually a perfect recipe for easy dog tricks training. The clicker provides a sound recognition of a certain action so it will help to control your dog. The treat will then reinforce the sound and the action so you can be sure that enough repetitions will help your dog to remember the action.

A clicker is a wonderful thing to use during easy dogs tricks training if you know how to use it but if you do not then it could be the worst thing to use. This is because you have to be able to click at exactly the right moment. If you get it even slightly wrong then it can make the training experience frustrating and problematic for you both. The timing must be perfect or the clicker should not be used to teach easy dog tricks at all. Try practicing it in advance so that you know what to do and are confident. After all, practice makes perfect, as your clicker will show if you can use it correctly to teach easy dog tricks.

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