Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 12 – ‘Free Shaping’ With A Clicker

Lesson 12 - 'Free Shaping' With A Clicker

Here’s the cool training technique I mentioned…

Free-shaping (or free time) is when make make up their tricks. Youdon’t set out to try and teach them any specific trick – you just wait and see what your dog might do – and if youy like it, you Click that action and give a treat! For example, if you put a box in front of your dog, it might:

  • put one paw on it
  • walk around it
  • sit ON it
  • sit IN it
  • touch it with our nose
  • jump over it

Any of these things is a cool trick and different dogs will think of different things…so it’s a great way for you to find out what your dog might think up themselves! 🙂 You can choose one action you like best and only click for that, so that they repeat it – and then you can add a word to it – and there! Your dog has learnt a new trick!

You can do free-shaping with an object, like a ball, box, table, blanket or anything you can find around the home. Or you can do it just by waiting to see what your dog may do – Show a treat and say “Whatcha gonna do?” – often your dog will start doing lots of things to try and get the Click & Treat. You dog will usually begin with tricks they know and may might change them a bit – or they might make up completely new stuff! Your dog will learn a lot of unique and clever tricks this way!

Video Examples

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