Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Dogs are creatures of habit and training. Most dogs actually revel in the feeling of behavioral training because expectations are as clear as the consequences.

Clicker training is gaining in popularity because many dog trainers and owners claim that their dogs respond, behave and seem to enjoy the system. First used with other animals like pigeons, dolphins and horses, dog owners and trainers are discovering the usefulness of clicker training for dogs.

Many trainers and owners prefer this kind of training as well because it’s gentle and without any punishment, choke collars or other harsh forms of training.

If you think of your dog as a creature motivated by praise (which he is) you can begin to understand why the use of a clicker is effective for dogs.

In this course, we’ll examine how clicker training can be used to enforce good behavior, reduce the bad behavior and help your dog to become the controlled and pleasant creature you know him to be.

Specifically, here’s what we’ll cover in this course:

Why behavioral training?
We’ll look at the basis for clicker training and the background. Why do dogs and other animals respond to this kind of training?

Is clicker training right for your dog?
As with all training, the success of the program is directly tied to your willingness to participate and your dog’s ability to follow along. We’ll look at some characteristics that your dog should have to be a good candidate for clicker training.

What is clicker training?
In this chapter, we’ll look at the specific program of clicker training. It’s important that you understand the basis for the training and what it is exactly before you attempt to clicker train your dog.

How to clicker train your dog
Here’s the meat of our guide. In this section, we’ll show you step by step how to clicker train your dog.

Handling problems
You are sure to discover that there are a few bumps in the road as you try to clicker train your dog. In this chapter, we’ll give you some tips for how to handle these bumps and find success with the program.

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