Chinese Shar Pei Training – Consistency Is Key

Chinese Shar Pei training takes commitment and care.  It is not something that happens overnight and your pet won’t always make it easy. While this breed is very beautiful, smart and a great companion, there will come times when he will test his boundaries and your abilities as a leader. It is your job as the head of the pack to show him that you should be respected, you are in control and he can trust your leadership. You can achieve all of this by remaining consistent.

Consistency is imperative for Chinese Shar Pei training because it is what helps your pooch learn, understand and remember. What does it mean to be consistent? It means the following:

  • Using the same methods when you train – Each time you give a command you should follow through using the same instructions. This means the same steps, word(s) and hand signal. These instructions should also be passed on to any other family member or persons watching your pet to eliminate any confusion.
  • Enforcing rules – Whatever regulations you put in place for your dog should be followed all of the time by everyone! For instance, if your dog is not allowed on furniture or if he is not permitted food from the table, no one should ever allow him to engage in these activities. This only sends him mixed signals.
  • Following through with what you say – Do not try to trick your pooch to obtain his favor. For example, do not tell him he will get a treat if he comes inside and not give him one. Do not tell him you will go for a walk and then forget and not take him. Lying to your four legged friend, even unintentionally, is very bad for shar pei training. He must trust you or he will not respect or listen to you. Don’t break promises.
  • Correcting bad behavior – If he does something that is wrong (i.e. chewing on furniture, digging in the yard, lying on furniture, etc) you must correct him each time he does it. Do not reprimand him sometimes and let him get away with it on occasion. You must scold him every time or he will continue to do it and question your authority. Never back down if you want shar pei training to be a success.

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