Chihuahua Training – The Basics

Chihuahua training is a necessary and important part of a chi’s development. Some owners think that because they are so small, these dogs don’t need to be taught basic commands. This is a misconception – all dogs, regardless of their size need to be taught obedience and should know their place in your pack. An untrained chihuahua will grow up to be a possessive and aggressive dog that will not listen and will think he is above you.

What chihuahua training should you provide your dog? The following are the 3 basics he requires:

  1. Housebreaking – Do not be lazy and teach your dog to go on puppy pads or in a litter box. He should eliminate outdoors. Begin this lessons starting from the day you bring him home.
  2. Socialization – Make sure he is introduced to people on walks and other dogs. Chihuahua’s are naturally inclined to be suspicious of strangers and generally only develop a close relationship with their owner. You can help deter possessiveness by introducing him to social situations on a daily basis.
  3. Fundamental commands – He should know the basics including sit, stay, down and come. This is for his safety as well as for your own control.

When it comes to chihuahua training you need to be gentle when speaking and in the methods you employ. Do not use choke collars on a chi as you can easily hurt their necks. Instead, when a collar is necessary, use a flat buckle collar or harness, which will help to protect his trachea.

Your little pooch may try to defy you during training and may not listen to you or might ignore you. This will be frustrating but you need to show patience and show your dog that when it comes to stubbornness he won’t beat you.  You need to be consistent and positive. Eventually when he knows he cannot get his way, he will listen and respect you. Just remember, no matter how irritated you may become with your companion, never hit him, push him or toss him. These little guys have small joints and bones and can be easily injured.

Make a solid chihuahua training effort and he will develop into a beautiful member of your family.

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