Catering to Your Dog’s Individual Tastes With Different Flavors

As you know, your dog is an individual, and as such, it has its own personal tastes when it comes to the flavors that it enjoys in its foods.  Therefore, even if you’ve already had a dog of the same breed before, it doesn’t mean that your current dog will enjoy the same foods and treats that your previous fuzzy family member did.  While some dogs will eat just about anything, others are quite fussy and will turn up their noses until you find just the right thing.  No matter what the tastes of your dog there is a technique that you can use to find out the flavors that your pet will enjoy the most.  That will help you to narrow down the foods that will not only be nutritious for your pup, but that it will enjoy, too.

A dog’s sense of taste works very similarly to that of humans and tests are therefore comparable.  Simply set out samples of several types of dog food and have your dog try them at the same time.  This is best performed over time instead of all at once.  For example, on the first day, set out a sample of your dog’s regular food and a sample of a different food.    

Remember which one your dog enjoyed more.  The next day, set out the current favorite with a new one.  Keep that up every day and take note of the favorites.  For example, did your dog seem to prefer foods made with chicken, beef, lamb, or another kind of meat?  Was there a certain brand or style of preparation that your pup seemed to like the most?  

Keep in mind that you should only offer your dog the type of formula that is highly nutritious and designed for your dog’s age, activity level, and health needs. After all, there would be no point in finding out that you cannot feed your dog the one it would like the most from your samples!

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