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Maltese Dogs

Maltese Dogs

A Quick Look at the Maltese Dogs… Maltese dogs are little all-white dogs that are very gentle-mannered and loving. They are lively, playful and are quite fearless in spite of their small size. Malties learn quickly and excel at obedience and tricks. They are highly affectionate, very devoted to their owner, and are wonderful companions […]
Maltese Training - Preventing Small Dog Syndrome

Maltese Training – Preventing Small Dog Syndrome

Maltese training should not be considered optional; it is a mandatory part of owning one of these small white dogs. Far too many owners of little dogs make the mistake of not training their tiny companions and as a result their animals become possessive, aggressive and develop other bad habits and behaviors that are characteristic […]
How To Train Maltese Dog - Sit

How To Train Maltese Dog – Sit

Knowing how to train maltese dogs is something you can learn on your own and is not a difficult process. It should begin right away and is a matter of patience, persistence and consistency. Aside from housetraining, one of the first commands you can teach your pooch is the Sit command. This instruction is one […]