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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

A Quick Look at the Jack Russell Terrier… The Jack Russell Terrier is a sturdy, tough little dog that is high in energy and always ready for a challenge. These dogs have become quite popular as pets, especially after starring in many television shows and film. The breed has a unique appeal that draws owners […]

Jack Russell Training – Being Consistent

Successful Jack Russel training means that you need to be prepared to take charge and responsibility for your dog. An inportant part of this are obedience classes. Remember, these high energy dogs can give you plenty of trouble if you don’t provide them with the necessary leadership and consistancy they require. A large part of […]
Jack Russell Terrier Training - Avoiding Submissive Urination

Jack Russell Terrier Training – Avoiding Submissive Urination

In this Jack Russell Terrier training lesson we take a look at submissive Urination. Most dog owners are prepared for their canines to have accidents indoors while they are puppies and are in the process of learning jack russell terrier training in terms of housebreaking. However, there is a big difference between a dog having […]