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5 Common Housebreaking Problems

Housebreaking problems are a common source of stress and frustration for many new dog owners. In an ideal world, our canine companions would join our family household already possessing an inbuilt understanding of the need to toilet outdoors. But, unfortunately, this is a process that must be taught by us humans – and one that […]

House Training A Puppy Fast!

For the uninitiated, house training a puppy can be a hugely stressful and frustrating time. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, puppies are not born with an innate understanding of where – or even when – they need to ‘go potty’.  They have to be taught. Add into the equation the fact that not all […]

House Training A Dog: How Long Does It Take?

Are you house training a dog? Clearing up puddles and scrubbing away dirty marks is all part and parcel of owning a puppy, right?  But house training is not necessarily an activity confined to the first few months of puppyhood: many owners have to continue house training a dog with more severe problems well into […]