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A Quick Look at the Havanese… The small and friendly Havenese dog is the National Dog of Cuba and is a sturdy canine that is incredibly playful and loves the attention of people. He is an excellent companion for single owners and families with older and more considerate children. He is a gentle, cheerful and […]

Havanese Puppy Training – Treats

When Havanese puppy training one of the most common things used  are treats. Typically in the form of food, they are used as a special way to reward a dog and can be very effective in obtaining a dog’s attention and reinforcing positive behavior. Since this is the case, they are often utilized when a […]

Effective Havanese Training Guidelines

Havanese training will be as simple and enjoyable as you make it to be. This is a breed that learns quickly and is eager to please you. Thus, you can use their cleverness to your advantage and help them develop into the model companion you want him to be. Below are the guidelines you need […]