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Great Dane

Great Dane

A Quick Look at the Great Dane… The Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. They are a fearless, vibrant, and beautiful canine. Yet, despite their powerful size, they are a very good-natured and gentle pet and enjoy the company of children. In fact, their charming and affectionate personality as […]
Great Dane Training - Walking Rules

Great Dane Training – Walking Rules

Great dane training can be a lot of fun and doesn’t have to be a giant chore.  Essentially, it can be whatever you want it to be. If you approach it with a positive attitude and look forward to it, both you and your pet will benefit greatly from the experience. Of course, this doesn’t […]

Crates And Great Dane Puppy Training

A crate is something you should seriously consider making part of you great dane puppy training. Some people think negatively of crates, believing them to be a form of cruel punishment for dogs. This is not true, a proper sized crate that is used for the right training purposes  provides your dog with their own […]