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A Quick Look at the Dachshund… Dachshunds are a dog breed with very long bodies and short legs that are often called hotdogs or sausage dogs for their unique appearance. Their form was originally bred into the dog in order to help them to get into the dens and burrows of small game animals such […]

Practical Dachshund Training

When you engage in Dachshund training you need to be very mindful of you pet’s physical limitations . Why? Dachshunds are known for their distinctive long and wiener-like body shape and short legs. While this is an ideal physical structure for burrowing after rodents underground, it also leaves him at risk for a variety of […]

Dachshund Puppy Training – Stopping Digging

There are many things that should be included in dachshund puppy training aside from housebreaking your pooch and teaching him basic commands. He should also be taught not to dig in your garden or your backyard. This is important not only because he can ruin your grass, flowers and other outdoor elements, but he can […]