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Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 12 – ‘Free Shaping’ With A Clicker

Here’s the cool training technique I mentioned… Free-shaping (or free time) is when make make up their tricks. Youdon’t set out to try and teach them any specific trick – you just wait and see what your dog might do – and if youy like it, you Click that action and give a treat! For […]

Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 11 – More Cool Clicker Training Techniques

We have reached the end of Clicker Training 101 but I wanted to show you some more video examples of some cools clicker training techniques. If you think these are cool look out tomorrow for an amazing way to get your dog to do some very unusual and unique trickes using a technique called “Free […]

Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 10 – Handling Problems – 2

Here are some more potential Clicker Training Problems… It doesn’t work Oh, our friend. That just means you haven’t tried long enough or hard enough. All dogs are trainable and trust us when we say “all”. Some are more stubborn, some have their own ideas about how they want to do things, and some are […]

Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 9 – Handling Problems – 1

It’s unlikely that your clicker training will proceed without incident. You might run into some problems, either with your technique or with your subject (your dog). That’s what this section is about. We’ll look at some common clicker training problems and concerns. Remember that our information is general in nature. You know your dog the […]

Clicker Training 101 – Lesson 8 – Continuing Your Clicker Training

Not only are you working here to get desirable behavior from your dog, but to get more desirable behavior all the time. That is, while we originally said to click even if the dog doesn’t sit all the way down when you give the “sit” command, eventually you want to mold the dog’s behavior so […]

Clicker Training 101- Lesson 7 – More Clicker Training Tips

Below are some more clicker training tips… A click is more powerful than words when you are training a dog. The click means that the behavior was accurate and a treat is following. This is powerful stuff for a dog. You can use the clicker beyond daily training. Say someone comes in your door and […]

Clicker Training 101- Lesson 6 – Clicker Training Your Dog

When it’s time to train your dog, think about these things: We talked about conditioning. When you first begin clicker training, your dog is responding to classical training (the Pavlov example) which is, he will respond because he wants the reward. But in the end, it’s operant conditioning that does the full job here. When […]

Clicker Training 101- Lesson 5 – How To Begin Clicker Training Your Dog?

Clicker training a dog is easier than using many other methods of training. Because the dog gets a positive reinforcement when he does something right, he is usually excited and enthusiastic about behaving in a way that will result in rewards over and over again. In this part, we’ll look at the details of how […]

Clicker Training 101- Lesson 4 – Is Clicker Training Right For Your Dog?

When it comes to our pets, we are a society that’s based on blind obedience. Many of us want our dogs to obey us without question, to be obedient because we tell them to. But many more dog owners want something more. That is, we want our dogs to be obedient, but also enjoyable to […]

Clicker Training 101- Lesson 3 – What Is Clicker Training?

Are you familiar with “Pavlov’s Dogs” or Skinner’s conditioning methods? If so, you are at least vaguely aware of what clicker training might be about. You see, more than humans, dogs are creatures of habit. They respond reflexively to situations that we might think about critically first. In that way, then, dogs, are well suited […]