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A Quick Look at the Chihuahua… Chihuahuas are tiny little dogs that look solid with a big round head that feature huge round dark eyes with a short pointy nose and alert ears. This is the smallest of all the dog breeds and comes in two different coat types. A Quick Look at the Chihuahua… […]
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Training A Chihuahua – Housebreaking

Some chihuahua owners do not take an interest in training a chihuahua to eliminate outdoors. Since the dog is so small, they prefer to use methods such as indoor paper training, puppy pads or litter boxes. While it may seem that there is nothing wrong with these options, the fact of the matter is you […]
Chihuahua Training - The Basics

Chihuahua Training – The Basics

Chihuahua training is a necessary and important part of a chi’s development. Some owners think that because they are so small, these dogs don’t need to be taught basic commands. This is a misconception – all dogs, regardless of their size need to be taught obedience and should know their place in your pack. An […]