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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Quick Look at the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel… Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are on the larger end of the toy dog spectrum, with a loving heart that is tremendously large It has a gorgeous medium length wavy coat and long ears on which long wavy fur helps them to frame the face. They are […]
King Charles Spaniel Training - The Fundamentals

King Charles Spaniel Training – The Fundamentals

King Charles Spaniel training should begin the day that you bring this little and loving pooch home, because the sooner you start the better chance you have of preventing bad habits from developing. After all, dogs are not born knowing how to be an ideal companion or understanding human rules. They must be taught what […]

8 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training Tips

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel training is a very straightforward and ongoing process that requires persistence in order for it to be a successful and pleasent experience for you and your companion. The cavalier king charles is a very sweet and happy dog that is eager to learn, is very intelligent and enjoys a good challenge. […]