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Border Collie

Border Collie

A Quick Look at the Border Collie… The Border Collie is a bright, energetic, hardy working dog that is longer than it is tall and is medium-sized. Extremely trainable, these dogs are terrific for herding (especially sheep) but are also top competitors in many different kinds of dog sports from Frisbee to obedience, and from […]
Dog Training Behavior - How Sensitive Is Your Dog?

Dog Training Behavior – How Sensitive Is Your Dog?

Are you struggling with dog training behavior? Most dogs are eager to please and very receptive to training – provided we teach them properly. Just like humans, dogs learn through smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, but a dog’s senses are far more acute than our own and selective breeding has heightened particular sensitivities of some breeds even further. Consequently, individual dogs will respond […]

5 Border Collie Training Tips

Border collie otraining is a necessary part of training your dog.  This breed is recognized as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.  They are very energetic, clever and curious and can become destructive or neurotic if they are not matched with the proper owner who is prepared to provide this particular canine with the […]

More Border Collie Obedience Fun

Border collie obedience training isn’t only about teaching your dog obedience and control, it is also about having fun and spending quality time with your pet.  Hence, you can introduce your dog to many great tricks that he will enjoy learning and you will enjoy teaching. Due to the fact that these dogs have high […]