Things to Consider When Buying Products for your Dog

After reading through [i4w_db__DogBreed]s Made Easy, you will already know about the right collar size, the correct type of leash, the proper crate, food and water bowls, how to tell a good dog food apart from a bad one, and even the grooming supplies that will help you provide proper care for [i4w_ud_DogName].

However, even if that is all you have on your shopping list, when you walk into the pet store you’ll be bombarded with a mass of other products that are available and affordable, all showing pictures of glossy, healthy and happy dogs.  But which ones are right for a [i4w_db__DogBreed]?  

Well, first off, show some restraint.  Remind yourself owning a [i4w_db__DogBreed] is already a significant expense and that once you have the basics, you don’t really need to succumb to the marketing hype.  Instead of buying on the spur of the moment, take a look at what’s available and give yourself some time to think about your budget and what, if any, positive difference a certain product will make to yours or [i4w_ud_DogName]’s daily life.  Things to consider include safety, the amount of chewing your dog will do, its age, and the lifestyle you want your dog to live.  

Many things are not essential for immediate purchase, but could remain on your shopping list for later on.  For example, if you live in a climate that has extremely cold winters, when that season rolls around, then might be the right time to pick up a dog sweater that fits [i4w_ud_DogName]’s size at the time.  If you will be walking on sidewalks or roads that have been salted or where ice-melter has been applied, or if you’ll be headed out on areas that have jagged icy snow, you might also consider buying a set of dog boots to protect [i4w_ud_DogName]’s paws.

Items that you might find of more immediate use could include treats and toys.  Wisely chosen, these items can make your dog’s life much more fun and rewarding, aid training, help alleviate boredom – and help save your furniture and possessions from determined chewing, too!  

Hard rubber toys such as Kong® and Nylabone® are great for chewers.   Soft toys are also comforting for many [i4w_db__DogBreed]s who like a cozy buddy at calmer times and while sleeping.  But do make sure that you purchase one that is designed specifically for dogs as those created for humans can often pose choking hazards.  

In terms of treats, never forget that the [i4w_db__DogBreed] is prone to obesity and that this, in turn, can lead to all sorts of serious health complications such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis.  Choose treats that are made with natural ingredients and have lower caloric and fat content and hand them out sparingly.

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