Boxer Dog Training – Building Trust

Boxer dog training is not just about giving your pet verbal commands and making him respond to them. It is also a matter of building trust and respect between you and your pooch. If you don’t establish this connection and understanding with your canine, teaching him can be a struggle. He must respect you as a leader if you expect him to follow your commands. If he cannot take you seriously he will choose to ignore you.

Since building a strong relationship with your pal is a significant part of boxer dog training, the following is what you can do to make sure you achieve a bond with your dog that is vital to your relationship.

  • Playtime – have fun with your boxer! Play games, run around and be silly with him. Enjoying time together is very important when building a solid relationship.
  • Grooming – one of the best ways to establish trust is to handle him. Caring for his coat, feeling inside his mouth, touching sensitive areas, such as his ears and paws will help him understand you are the leader.
  • Exercise – take him for daily walks, play fetch with him and let him run around. This will help him release pent up energy, which will also make boxer dog training easier.
  • Affection – Give him plenty of pets, scratches, rubs and praise.
  • Make him an important and regular part of your life – Include him in your daily events as much as you can. Take him on car rides and let him go outside with you, etc.

Once you’ve established a bond the next phase of boxer dog training is to have him respect you as his pack leader. This can be achieved in three ways:

  1. Don’t break your own rules – You must be consistent in your teachings and not allow him to get away with unwanted behavior.
  2. Don’t break your dog’s trust – Never lie to your dog, always follow through with your promises. This means saying what you mean and doing what you say. If you make a habit of lying (i.e. promising a walk but then forgetting or using it to obtain his favor) you will disappoint him, he will stop taking you seriously and will eventually stop listening.
  3. Show your dominance – Show him that you are top of the pack by letting him know his needs come after yours and your family (i.e. eating before him, not letting him on your bed, and so on).

The more your pooch understands what is required of him and can trust you the more successful your boxer dog training will be.

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