5 Border Collie Training Tips

Border collie otraining is a necessary part of training your dog.  This breed is recognized as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.  They are very energetic, clever and curious and can become destructive or neurotic if they are not matched with the proper owner who is prepared to provide this particular canine with the care, exercise, attention and training he requires to lead a happy and balanced life.

If you decide to bring a sheepdog home, you need to teach him border collie obedience and leadership.  This goes far beyond the simple basic commands of sit, down, come and heel.  He must also be taught that you are the leader of the pack and that the other family members in your house deserve respect and come first.

To give you a general idea of what is necessary for this dog in terms of obedience and training, here are some tips:

Tip 1 – Provide him with a crate – This is ideal for housetraining and also provides your pooch with a little den that he can call his own and will help him feel secure.  He should be accustomed to his crate from the first day he’s brought home.  Remember to never use his crate as a form of punishment.

Tip 2 – Socialize him – He needs to adjust to his new home life.  If you want him to be a good companion you need to have contact with him and provide him with the time he needs to sleep and rest.

Tip 3 – Restrictions – He needs a routine and limitations to gain a solid understanding for what is expected and what is not allowed and you can never falter in the rules you set.  Everyone in your home must follow them without fail or your dog will not respect them or you and will seek to dominate your pack.  For instance, examples of border collie training you should implement include:

  • Eating meals before him
  • Never giving him food from the table
  • Walking through doors first
  • Not letting him sleep on your bed
  • Not letting him up on any of the furniture
  • Making him obey a command before doing what he wants (i.e. if he bumps your hand because he wants you to pet him, ignore him and then make him sit first before you pet him)

Tip 4 – Only reprimand when you catch him in the act – Even though their will be times when you know without a doubt your dog has done something bad (i.e. stole food from the table, chewed up your shoes, etc.), you can only scold him if you see him do these things.  Getting angry at your dog after the fact will only confuse him and cause fear and resentment.  Dogs will only associate your punishment with the last thing they remember.

Tip 5 – Finally, be a reasonable owner –  If you want an obedient dog that respects you, follow through with your rules and be fair to your pet.  Don’t expect him to be perfect all the time and make certain you are doing all you can to ensure he is leading a happy life. After all, border collie training isn’t about lording over your pet, it’s about helping him understand where he sits in your pack, giving him guidance, security and love.

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