More Border Collie Obedience Fun

Border collie obedience training isn’t only about teaching your dog obedience and control, it is also about having fun and spending quality time with your pet.  Hence, you can introduce your dog to many great tricks that he will enjoy learning and you will enjoy teaching.

Due to the fact that these dogs have high energy, a great border collie training trick you can teach them is Fetch.  Fetching is a perfect way to amuse your pet, bond with him and let him burn some energy.  If this breed is not provided with enough exercise he will find other ways to release his frustration and this can lead to a lot of unwanted damage in your home and yard.   He will also be more difficult to control.

There are many items your pet can fetch, including balls and just about any other toy or acceptable object that can be easily launched by you or carried by your dog.    However, one of the best fetching items that is a lot of fun is a frisbee.  This is because when you let it fly it can soar through the air at a great distance and your canine can chase it and leap up into the air to catch it.

Teaching your dog how to fetch is an easy border collie obedience activity.  What you will need are treats, and/or your clicker and a flying disc, preferably a soft cloth one.  The reason is plastic varieties can be easily chewed up and the taste of rubber frisbees is highly unappealing to most dogs.

When you are ready to begin the lesson, take your pal to the backyard or to a place where he can run around free without disturbing others and where distractions are limited.  Then do the following:

  • Command him to sit in front of you and allow him to smell the frisbee without giving it to him.
  • As soon as he is interested, say the command “Fetch!” and immediately toss the disc.  You don’t need to send it a great distance, just far enough that your pooch will have to run to grab it
  • When he has collected it, encourage him with praise to come back to you.  When he returns, trade the frisbee for a treat and click or give more praise.

After a few of these border collie obedience training exercises he will catch on and you’ll have a great new game to play with your pal whenever you want!

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