The Benefit of Crate Training to Housebreaking

Crate training has a number of important benefits to both the pet owner and to the dog itself. Among the most appreciated, beyond the overall happiness and calm that it can bring to the dog as a member of the family, is in the efforts toward housebreaking. By combining your housebreaking and crate training, you will give yourself a significant advantage toward teaching your dog both rules – especially when you do it right from the start. This will make your dog happier, your home cleaner, and you will be able to keep your patience much longer. In this sense, both housebreaking and crate training should begin the day you bring your puppy home.

It is important to note that puppies aren’t the only dogs who need housebreaking. Fully matured dogs can also need this form of training when they are entering a new home, depending on their previous home experiences. For example, a dog adopted from a rescue may not have had any experience with a designated place for urination and defecation. Similarly, dogs that have been housebroken in another location may know not to go inside but need to learn where they are allowed to go. Crate training can be highly beneficial to these lessons.

No matter what techniques you have been using to crate train your puppy nor how long you have been doing it, you should never break the rules that you established from the beginning, such as making the crate a place with positive associations and always letting the dog out before shutting it into the crate. Remember, too, that when your dog is very young, it will need to be let out much more frequently than when it gets older – tiny bladders need more frequent emptying!

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