Use a No Bark Collar to Stop Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

Excessive barking is a problem that a new puppy can bring home from the start, or that can develop over time after you’ve already had the dog for a little while. It is among the most common complaints of dog owners (and their neighbors). Dogs are highly inclined to barking when they are introduced into their new homes as they do so in response to the discomfort that they feel in the new and unfamiliar environment. They do so out of a need to establish some security.

This said, the sooner you take action against this undesirable habit, the easier it will be to put it to a stop right near the beginning. While some people find that crate training alone will solve the problem, or that they just need to play the radio when they go out, other people swear by the use of no bark collars.

Of course, to properly cure your dog of the behavior, you need to identify its cause and work on a solution to stop it, but a no bark collar can give you control over the symptom as you try to find the cause and work on its treatment. No bark dog collars are fast and easy to use and are extremely humane.

There are several kinds of no bark dog collar, and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for your dog and its habits. Speak with your veterinarian for more advice about identifying the ideal option. Some of the more common types include those with an audio-trigger that create a response that the dog will not like. Over time, the dog will associate the barking with the unpleasant sensation and will become less inclined to bark. Though some will give the dog a mild and harmless shock, others release a puff of air under the chin of the dog, which is rather startling, but completely pain-free.

Carefully compare the benefits and the costs of the various no bark dog collar options and work on properly discouraging the behavior at the same time.

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